Our front-line carers at Palmerston Vets, provide invaluable care and support to your pets.

When your pet visits us in Essex for treatment, you want peace of mind that your pets are in the best possible care. It’s the job of our veterinary nurses to ensure that this happens.

They are our front-line carers; focussing their time and effort in assisting our surgeons and making sure that your pets are comfortable and loved.

Our nursing team at Palmerston Vets provides an invaluable service.

They’re always on hand to provide medical attention to your pets, as well as love and cuddles to minimise the trauma that your pet may feel being away from home in unfamiliar surroundings.

No one day is the same for our nurses. There is always a new pet to meet and help settle in, so as you can imagine, they are always on the go. The nurses also perform routine blood tests and complete x-rays under the supervision of our veterinary surgeons.

In 2012, the practice won ‘Most Supportive Employer for Veterinary Nurse Training’ from the College of Animal Welfare.

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