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Whether your consultation with us at Palmerston Surgery is with a vet or a nurse, you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands. We have two well-equipped consultation rooms and a spacious reception and waiting area.

Should your pet need to stay with us either as a day patient or overnight at our hospital you can be assured that our wards offer comfortable hospitalisation facilities with a trained member of staff supervising in patients both day and night.

Our hospitals in Essex are staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year. A Veterinary Surgeon is on call specifically for our inpatients. (All other emergencies should be referred to Vets Now)

We have a ward nurse caring for our inpatients during normal working hours and a night nurse overnight.

The duty Veterinary Surgeon does a ward round with the duty nurse prior to leaving the hospital and issues instructions for your animal’s care. Provided your animal’s condition is stable the ward nurse will routinely check them through the night.

Should the duty nurse be at all worried about your animal’s condition they will contact the duty Veterinary Surgeon immediately. If your animal needs monitoring more often this will be done by the duty nurse as directed by the duty Veterinary Surgeon. If your animal requires constant monitoring or observation again this will be carried out by the duty nurse under the direction of the duty Veterinary Surgeon. The duty Veterinary Surgeon does a ward round first thing in the morning.

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Palmerston Veterinary Group Zero Tolerance Policy

Palmerston Veterinary Group in Essex takes it very seriously if any member of the team is treated in an abusive or violent way.

All team members have a right to care for client’s animals without fear of being attacked or abused. To successfully provide our services, a mutual respect between all the team and clients must be maintained. Our team aim to be polite, helpful, and sensitive to the individual needs and circumstances of all clients. Palmerston Veterinary Group respectfully remind clients that the team are often confronted with a multitude of varying and sometimes difficult tasks and situations at once. The team understand that clients will not always act in a reasonable manner when their animals are ill, and we will take this into consideration when trying to deal with a misunderstanding or complaint.

Aggressive behaviour, be it violent or abusive, will not be tolerated and may result in you being removed from the Practice list and, in extreme cases, the Police being contacted.
In order for Palmerston Veterinary Group to maintain good relations with their clients and their animals, we would like to ask all clients to read and take note of the types of behaviour that would be found unacceptable:

Using bad language or swearing at practice team members.

Any physical violence towards any member of the Palmerston team or other clients, such as pushing or shoving, as well as: 

  • Verbal abuse towards the team in any form including verbally insulting the team
  • Racial abuse and sexual harassment will not be tolerated within this practice
  • Persistent or unrealistic demands that cause stress on team members will not be accepted. Requests will be met wherever possible, and explanations given when they cannot
  • Causing damage/stealing from the Practice’s premises, team or clients
  • Obtaining drugs and/or medical services fraudulently

We ask you to please treat your vets and their team courteously at all times.

Removal from the practice list

A good client-vet relationship, based on mutual respect and trust, is the cornerstone of good client care. The removal of clients from our list is an exceptional and rare event and is a last resort in an impaired client-practice relationship. When trust has irretrievably broken down, it is in the client’s interest, just as much as that of the practice, that they should find a new veterinary practice. An exception to this is on immediate removal on the grounds of violence e.g., when the Police are involved.