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Should your pet need to stay with us in Essex either as a day patient or overnight at our hospital you can be assured that our wards offer comfortable hospitalisation facilities with a trained member of staff supervising in patients both day and night.

The hospital is staffed 24 hours a day with a duty Veterinary Surgeon on call specifically for our inpatients. (All other emergencies should be referred to Forest Vets).

We have a ward nurse caring for our inpatients during normal working hours and a night nurse overnight.

The Veterinary Surgeon does a ward round with the duty nurse prior to leaving the hospital and issues instructions for your animal’s care. Provided your animal’s condition is stable the ward nurse will routinely check them throughout the night.

Should the nurse be at all worried about your animal’s condition they will contact the Veterinary Surgeon immediately. If your animal needs monitoring more often this will be done by the nurse as directed by the Veterinary Surgeon. If your animal requires constant monitoring or observation again this will be carried out by the nurse under the direction of the Veterinary Surgeon. The Veterinary Surgeon undertakes a ward round first thing in the morning.

We do not currently hospitalise patients overnight at our Romford, Walthamstow or Oakhill branches. Patients requiring overnight hospitalisation will need to be transferred to our Buckhurst Hill hospital.

Contact us for further details at Palmerston Vets.

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